CS1 blue and aqua

One-of-a-kind faceted fire-polished crystal chain in amethyst,sapphire or cobalt blue,ruby red, green, or amber with matching or contrasting prisms and grapes. Also available with clear crystals - bead chain,square or rectangular baguettes and prisms.

Body is wax-finished natural brass. Avaialble in an antique or pewter finish.

2.25 in dia. $350 3.25 in dia. $400 4 in. dia. $575/ Add $75 for inner liner.

Crystals from 7 - 12 in.long not including top stem and canopy . Lined with clear chain and prisms to enhance reflectivity and conceal the bulb (Optional) This completely covers bulb and provides a reflective surface that produces a marvelous glow through the colored crystals

Crystal pendants


shown lit
shown - 4 inch diameter.