Our lights are designed expressly for the purpose of setting a mood, and casting a serene and very nearly mystical glow over your living space, and enhancing, in a small but important way, the quality of the most mundane dining or entertaining experience.

Brass fixtures are made with only solid rather than plated brass and are hand-rubbed and without that very bright factory finish.. Our standard finish is a hand-finished satin

Metal mesh shades are durable and are completely washable by washing in soap and water You can carefully use a brush if you wish. Shades are plain or heat-treated and/or paintedThe steel shades diffuse a cool and austere light, while the brass and copper emanate a warm ,romantic and serene light.

Crystal shades are made with a combination of lead crystal and fire-polished crystal. All octagons are Strass or Meditteranean lead crystal.

Sculpturald steel fixtures are available in a rustic, black,leafed or paintted finish.

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About Crystals-

Strass® The finest quality crystal used in manufacturing crystal lighting fixtures. It is manufactured using a precision method invented by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Optically pure. Strass® has a lead content exceeding 30%,and an invisible coating that actually repels dust.
Light refraction is spectacular.

Precision cut Crystal - Fine quality lead crystal cut by laser , giving it an appearance that rivals Strass. Light refraction is excellent
It does not come in colors, however.

Czech Crystal - fine quality crystal from the region famous for crystal - hand-cut and polished
Light refraction is excellent

Fire-polished - more economical because it involves less labor
Light refraction is good

Standard/Machine cut - Less costly than any of the above. Light refraction is fair

Pressed- Just what is says and it shows.Very economical.

We can supply you with replacement crystals, whether Strass®, Czech or Italian hand-cut or machine cut at reasonable, less than retail prices. E-mail your requirements for a quote.
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