Other uses for chain
Wrought Iron Chain in square bar styles is ideal for heavy chandeliers, antler fixtures & lanterns. It is available in many faux finishes from black to gold leaf and hammered silver. The varieties of hand-forged steel chain hold from 176-761 lbs. Decorative s-hooks and links add visual interest.
Above shows the sizes, 10mm,8mm,7mm and 6mm. Below is image of exact sizes. The silver chain is 8 GA(20lbs)
ll 24-7 to order- 800-295-0559
Decorative Sections--

-may be used alone or with chain in many combinations Choose a finish you see on this site, send an image you want matched or send a link or fixture part.

Square bar chain in warm-tone finishes
Cool-tone finishes
rope chain in warm-tone finishes
Cool-tone finishes
WI Rope Chain
WI Square Bar Chain
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